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"It is so essential to be warmly and competently supported in the first postpartum weeks. Dana knew exactly what to do for my whole family - whether it was cooking nurturing, delicious meals that my husband and 3 year old loved; feeding and calming the baby; wrapping my belly; salt soaks for my badly swollen feet; helping with breastfeeding and pumping challenges; and so much more. Dana is a great listener and attuned to family dynamics in a way that makes her presence comforting and warm but also unobtrusive. She is so productive I don’t know how she gets it all done! I would recommend her without hesitation to any new mom."

- Alexa

"I am so thankful we had Dana with us during our delivery and pre natal care! B is our first baby and we wanted to have all the support we could possibly need and we are so happy we found Dana. She was with us for check-ins all thru my pregnancy, came along to pre-natal visits with my mid-wife to makes sure we were aligned and helped prep me and my husband for what birth might look like and help us be ready for anything that wasn’t in the ideal play book for us. She made sure we were cared for while in the hospital by making sure I ate ahead of time, massages and tons to tricks to keep us happy and calm. The best feeling in the world while in labor to feel cared for and watched over and Dana did that for me and Nick! Once Billie arrived Dana made sure I was eating well and resting which was incredible to have yummy food while in the hospital for recovery. Having Dana on our team was incredible and she was made for this role of Doula- she was present when needed but also gave us space as a family to stay connected which is a fine balance to master! We love Dana, you will too."

-Sofia, Nick and Baby Billie!


"When I suffered postpartum preeclampsia and HELLP after the birth of my twins I could barely stand or listen to the nurses in the hospital on how to feed, change, or care for my babies. Dana was everything for me in the first weeks after I got home. She taught me how to feed, diaper, and bathe my babies. She helped me figure out how to pump and spent free moments when the babies were sleeping building their stroller or things for their room or ordering supplies they needed that I didn’t think of as a first time mom or doing extra loads of laundry. She also captured amazing moments of the beginning of their life on film. Best of all, she did all of the grocery shopping and cooked incredible meals, snacks, and desserts focusing on postpartum nutrition and lactation. My husband and family wanted to keep her on as a full time chef. She doubled as my night nurse when it became too much for me and I needed some extra sleep. She did absolutely everything I needed and most of the things I didn’t know I needed. I could not imagine how the first few weeks would have gone without her. My family absolutely loves her!" - Moriah

“As an anxious new mom, I  was very grateful to have Dana Veraldi as my postpartum doula. In addition to her help with the baby and preparing meals, I  was most appreciative of her listening ear. I  had a lot to process after the birth and Dana made me feel very comfortable with speaking my mind without the fear of being judged. She’s very talented and creative. Since we are both photographers she helped me set up a newborn photo shoot. She is a very thoughtful, kind-hearted person who even checked up on me months later during the pandemic sending goodies for me and the baby, including clothing she designed herself. Anyone looking for support after childbirth would be lucky to have Dana as their postpartum doula!” - Nadia


"I gave birth to my daughter in June of 2020 - three months into the pandemic, four weeks ahead of my due date and having gone six weeks without a doctor’s visit. My husband and i were thrown into parenting and felt very unprepared. I also ended up having an emergency c-section and did not have anything prepped for recovery. In came Dana, who also was surprised by our daughter’s early arrival. Despite the situation, Dana was reliable, calm and so helpful. She took care of c-section recovery essentials, including underwear, scar treatment and even delivery nightgowns to the hospital for me (i had only packed a PJ set and the waistband sat right on the incision). We had a bit of an extended hospital stay and Dana delivered dinner to us one night. Once we were home she helped prepare meals (i had planned to have a freezer full of prepped meals but never got around to it with the early delivery!), she cooked and baked food that was delicious but also filled with ingredients to support my healing, rest and lactation (and my husband loved them too!) she helped me with early days of breastfeeding and introduced me to a lactation consultant who i worked with during the first few weeks. As new parents, we are so grateful that Dana knew what we needed, because we surely didn’t - everything from swaddling tips to peanut butter oat energy bites to newborn photos." - Amanda

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