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Support for parents, babies and families
during pregnancy, birth and beyond.


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What is a doula?

A doula provides emotional and physical support in addition to information and advocacy. Birth doulas provide support during pregnancy, labor and birth. Postpartum doulas provide support in the days and weeks following birth. A full spectrum doula provides birth and postpartum support. 

Doulas do not provide any medical advice, perform clinical tasks or diagnose conditions.

Please visit Evidence Based Birth for more information.


Birth Doula

A birth doula aids you during pregnancy, labor and birth by providing calm reassurance and support  for every kind of birth. The goal is for you to feel confident, calm and in control so that you may have a positive and safe birth experience.  A birth doula educates you on birth options, labor experiences and helps you create your personal birth plan. During labor, a doula is present with you at home, a birthing center or a hospital to support you and serve as an advocate.

Postpartum Doula &
Meal Services

A postpartum doula is with you during the delicate time after the birth of your baby.  A postpartum doula provides support in many ways including cooking for and nourishing the parents, education on newborn care, and emotional support.


Separate from or in addition to postpartum or birth doula services, prepared meals are available. Please get in touch or join our mailing list to learn more. All ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced when possible and can be crafted to suit your dietary needs and preferences. 

Birth Photography

Film or digital photography services available during  any and all stages of your journey. This service is available on its own or added onto a birth or postpartum doula package. 

Home: Classes

"Dana knew exactly what to do for my whole family - whether it was cooking nurturing, delicious meals that my husband and 3 year old loved; feeding and calming the baby; wrapping my belly; salt soaks for my badly swollen feet; helping with breastfeeding and pumping challenges; and so much more.

Dana is a great listener and attuned to family dynamics in a way that makes her presence comforting and warm but also unobtrusive. "

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